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"He had a theory that musicians are incredibly complex, and know far less than other artists what they want and what they are; that they puzzle themselves as well as their friends; that their psychology is a modern development, and has not yet been understood." – E. M. Forster

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Thursday, 4 December 2003

Waiting for Foyle

Back in February I talked a bit about Foyle’s War, which was featured on PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre. The series was/is filmed on location in the historic locale of Hastings in Sussex, England, and tonight I happened to revisit the city’s official site to see if there was any news about the second season of the show (or "series" as they say over yonder). To my delight, there’s an update saying that the Foyle’s War folks shot the second batch of episodes over the summer.

I really enjoyed the first series: the stories were filled with drama, history, mystery, humor and good constructs of pathos, logos and ethos (or as Brian Stonehill, one of my professors, used to say: heart, smarts and sparkle), not to mention beautiful cinematography and talented acting. I’ve been keeping a watch out for the next series for a while now. Perhaps the quality of the current television season has been so awful that I’m overly craving a good drama, but after seeing a photo of the clapper slate for Foyle’s War II — I can’t wait to see the new episodes. (Yes, I’m such a media geek.) Although the second series is airing in Britain now, those of us Stateside will have to be patient; PBS probably won’t air them until next year — and I’m not even sure if it will make this season, which is the final one sponsored by ExxonMobil. But I definitely am looking forward to Michael Kitchen and Co. in series II.

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