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Wednesday, 5 November 2003

A little behind

After reading today’s FoxTrot, I see that Jason isn’t quite the geek I thought he was. He’s still using deprecated markup (when clearly he should have used <em> or <strong>), he’s not closing his paragraph tags and he’s definitely not using CSS.

CSS is still fairly unpredictable across browsers, but Jason could have at least avoided the bold tag. No, I’m not trying to out-geek the geek, but today’s comic makes me feel sort of better about not being up on the latest XHTML.

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  1. that’s because Bill is a Mac guy. But he does provide a 1.0.1. patch at his page….

  2. Well, but that’s for an older strip (one I haven’t seen). This doesn’t have to do with C…I’m talking about Jason’s HTML coding in the Nov. 5th strip. :-p