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I started this site waaaay back in 1995 (12 November 1995, to be exact), and did weekly (if not more often) updates (sharing any news I'd come across about the show, like upcoming episodes, as well as weekly reviews) for about two years.

It's kind of scary to think back and realize how much I was obsessed with the show! :-) I still love the original series very dearly, as it holds a special place in my life -- it really did further the art of television drama, and paved the way for many of the shows airing today. But somewhere around Season 8 (after David Duchovny left), I found that I didn't have to stay in on Sunday nights to watch the show.

Unfortunately, I definitely don't have the time to devote to writing reviews of the rest of the episodes. Yeah, they're short and informal, but when I review an episode, I usually try to watch it more than once, and I take notes, too. Then I sit down and work out what I want to say (or not say). This process requires at least three or four hours. So as unbelievable as it might sound, the reviews you read on this site weren't exactly hack jobs. :-) If I ever rewatch some of the shows or watch the rebooted series and have the time (my library has many of the season DVDs for loan), maybe I'll come back and add some material.

In any case, the reviews might be a bit old, but I still think they might be interesting to people. Especially since the show is syndicated / streaming / on DVD / came back from cancellation, and is always picking up new viewers. Whether you're an old fan like me, or a newcomer, welcome.

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