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Friday, 7 October 2005

wordpress dot com

Much to my delight, I unexpectedly received an invitation a few weeks ago to start a blog on I’m still debating what to set up there. Yes, I do have my own domain/space and could easily set up another WordPress blog here if I needed, but I’m interested in being a part of a WP-only blogging service and seeing what provides its denizens.

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  1. no updates in over a month: did you switch over to

  2. I’m still here; I’ve just been hibernating. Thanks for asking.

    BTW, has opened up registrations for new blogs to everyone (for now), so get one if you’d like. So far it’s still in the early stages, I’d say, and not as customizable (even offers more customization), but supposedly it will offer more power to the user in the future.