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Monday, 20 December 2004

Habits are hard to break

Re: baseball: Picture me shaking my head. Re: Dodgers: Picture me grimacing and shaking my head.

If the 10-player mega-trade happens…seriously. I don’t understand it, as a Dodger fan. But then again, after the management traded Paul LoDuca in a deal that didn’t really benefit the Dodgers last season, I guess no one on the team is safe. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the team let Eric Gagné go to another team sometime down the road. I wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t be surprised — not after what’s happened and what’s happening. Shawn Green is one of my favorite players because he’s one of those quiet players who shows up to play everyday. I thought his willingness to start at first base last year — and he did an excellent job for a career outfielder who’d never played that position full-time before — demonstrated an admirable amount of team spirit. It’ll be a shame to see him go to the D’backs.

In other news, goodbye Adrian Beltre and Steve Finley, as well as Jose Hernandez, Hideo Nomo and maybe Yhency Brazoban and Kazuhisa Ishii. I know I’m leaving out a few other names. In a strange twist, welcome to Jeff Kent, who I still think of as a Giant. So that’ll be interesting. However, welcoming him poses a question mark for 2B Alex Cora, another one of my favorite Dodgers who had his best year last season.

Oh…Dave Roberts is back in the NL, after helping the Red Sox beat the Yankees and get to the World Series. He’s now with the Padres and apparently in the leadoff spot again. I’m looking forward to seeing him play the Dodgers.

It’s a habit. That’s what baseball is. I’m not sure if next season looks like a winner for L.A., what with these major changes to the cast. Especially with the absence of Beltre, who led the team offensively last season and was the NL MVP runner-up to Barry Bonds.

Speaking of Bonds and the whole steroids thing in general…is anyone really that surprised? There hasn’t been any strict, frequent testing, so gee. What a shocker! As for Bonds using creams and not knowing what they were…I join many others in chorusing, "Puh-leeaze." These are professional athletes, for goodness’ sakes. And Bonds is the most feared hitter in baseball and knows that health and physical training are at the top of the list for his career. How would he not question what he was using for/on/in his body?

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