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Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Blog buttons/stickers

Here are a few 80×15 buttons that I made within the past few months. I created them for my blog, but feel free to save them locally and use them to adorn your own blog. You don’t have to link back to me, but it would be nice if you leave a comment, so I can see some examples of where the buttons are being used. If you use the WBE/Anne Litt button, I’d especially love to hear from fellow WBE fans. Same goes for BBC Radio and BBC 7 fans.

   Weekend Becomes Eclectic with Anne Litt
   [GIF, 214 bytes]

   For fellow fans of KCRW’s Weekend Becomes Eclectic and Anne Litt. I used the nifty Zeller/Kalsey Button Maker for this one.

   BBC Radio
   [GIF, 328 bytes]

   After spotting the NPR Radio button, I looked for a similar BBC Radio sticker but couldn’t find any. So I modded the NPR one with the BBC logo. Maybe someone will make a BBC 7 button. (Lately on BBC 7, I’ve been listening to Bleak House with Michael Kitchen; and of course there are My Word and My Music and The Masterson Inheritance. If you’re not familiar with my radio fandom, check out the unoriginally-named Radio page.)

   Kerry/Edwards 2004
   [GIF, 408 bytes]

   Didn’t find any buttons that had both names, so I Photoshopped this one. The flag icon is the favicon for the John Kerry site.

I’ve already submitted the latter two to Steal These Buttons; however, the backlog of the buttons "pending review" appears to be about eight months long, so my entries may not appear in the directory any time soon.

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  1. I’m using your Kerry button on my journal at! Thankies!!!