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Wednesday, 16 July 2003

Baseball’s finest?

It’s too bad for Eric Gagne. Pretty much is a good reason for why the All-Star Game should not be a factor in anything important for the regular season, let alone deciding home-field advantage for the World Series. If, say, the Yankees make the series, are Garret Anderson and Hank Blalock really going to be pleased that they helped NY win home field advantage? If, say, Dusty Baker and the Cubs make the Series, is it really fair that the guy who was charged with the loss of the All-Star Game be stuck with knowing that his unfortunate, uncharacteristic bad outing on the mound cost the NL team in the World Series? [Gack.] But that’s just MLB. One of these days I will actually learn to not be sucked in by the increasingly ever-commercialized, over-hyped All-Star game.

This is why watching baseball — not just this thing but a normal season game — on a network broadcast like Fox Sports is such a culture shock for me, after growing up and still watching the dignified play-by-plays from Vin Scully or even the radio broadcasts with the other — single — play-by-play guys. I never really appreciated the whole concept of "color commentator" on network broadcasts, especially when the two guys end up paying less attention to the game on the field and end up talking to players and coaches and asking them questions during the game, or fitting them with mics and listening in on their conversations. Really, it becomes two or three guys having a chat-fest with each other, and I miss the personal aspect of e.g. Vin Scully talking to us. To me. To you. I don’t tune in to watch a behind-the-scenes show, or to listen in on a bunch of guys joking around with each other. I just want to experience the game.

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