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Wednesday, 16 April 2003

Rory’s going to Yale

In the world of the Gilmores, that is.

Well, it makes sense. I’m guessing she will want to live in a dorm, and Paris will choose Yale as well. So many questions…I wonder how the whole Lorelai/Rory interactions will work out now. On the phone and on weekends? Will the grand-Gilmores still want their Friday dinners with Rory, now that she’ll be leaving Chilton? New Haven is on the other end of the state. What about Lane and her band? Goodbye, Dean and Jess. Perhaps also to Louise and Madeline…and Mr Medina. And goodbye, Chilton uniforms.

And since the show was set at Yale earlier this season, with Pomona College standing in for the actual Ivy Leaguer, I wonder if there will be any more location shoots at PC, if even for bumper/establishment shots. Although, I suppose they could do that with the real Yale. I imagine that whatever happens, it won’t include regular shooting at PC (I would be surprised, since PC is so choosy about giving permission to film). So, out of necessity or not, the producers/location managers will forget that Yale previously looked like Marston Quad, and start over in a completely different location — which will of course dismay all of the continuity-obsessed fans of the show. I’ll have to ask my Yalie friend Kitty for what artistic liberties the sets reveal.

So begins a new chapter of the Gilmore saga in a few months. And yes, I’d like to remain spoiler-free for the rest of the goodbye-filled episodes this season, thankyouverymuch.

If you want my comments on last night’s episode: it was all right. Had its moments. Plot-wise, it was definitely a transitional episode, though, and in some scenes was too obviously so.

But you know…I wouldn’t mind having a "Babette ate oatmeal" T-shirt. Even a "Rory’s going to Yale!" shirt would be nifty, although I would prefer one that said "Rory went to Pomona!" (which is true in the real world, even if it was for just a day). Too bad Kirk wasn’t selling those.

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