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Thursday, 27 February 2003

Tele notes

Well, on the heels of my high praise for last week’s episode of The West Wing, last night’s show ("Red Haven’s on Fire") seemed to define the word anti-climactic.

Sure, there were a few memorable moments, but overall the story felt forced and the whole hour tried too hard to be good, if that makes sense. The best part: probably Amy "saving" the First Lady. That and C.J. singing to Toby. Amy and the wayward candle was cute initially, but really, are the writers trying to turn her into a female Josh? I truly hope not. IMO the candle/fire bit would have worked much better had it happened to Toby in a similar situation.

The continuing saga of Will and the interns-as-emergency-staff-writers has staled considerably and needs a new direction or needs to be dropped…please give Joshua Malina something better. I realize that the show is not all about clever retorts and other witty banter, but the presentation of some ideas are getting long-winded and heavy-handed.

All that said, the episode still brilliantly outshone Ed‘s most unbelievably predictable and unimaginative episode, which aired the previous hour. Please, Aaron Sorkin, rescue Sabrina Lloyd from that series.

* * *

On the subject of last Sunday’s programming…I missed some parts of Alias but from what I did see, the episode was just average. I did tape Foyle’s War and although it perhaps wasn’t the best or most original story of the four episodes thus far, it wasn’t bad. I definitely look forward to future episodes, but I suppose we’ll all have to wait at least a year or so until the next batch.

Before I go…farewell Mr. Rogers.

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