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Thursday, 13 February 2003

‘Cashman’ is also his nickname

In case you missed this article from 5 Feb:
‘Yankees Ensure 2003 Pennant By Signing Every Player In Baseball.’

Anyway, so yes, Spring Training has arrived. Although, this year it does seem like a long time has passed since last season. The Angels winning the World Series…it seems like a distant memory.

So many trades and signings in the offseason. I didn’t even mention any of them before. For the most part, 2003 looks like it’ll be a very different year and look of baseball. Especially since the Dodgers, along with many other teams, have shuffled their rosters drastically. Most of the players I grew up watching are now retired or are grizzled veterans…it certainly can be disconcerting to realize that many of the players now are younger than I am. The game also has acquired a not-so-pleasant taste since I was a big fan 15 years ago, what with the multi-million dollar contracts (as is the case for most pro sports) and — not naming names — prima donna-like behavior from some of those contract holders.

All of that aside, though, will I still watch baseball? Probably. Will I be disappointed if the Dodgers get really close (again) and don’t win the pennant (again)? Of course. But as long as the sport stays exciting and there is great baseball, I confess I’ll watch anyway, and enjoy it.* That’s the draw of the game. Welcome to The Show.

*As long as the Yankees don’t win the Series. 😉

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