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KSCA 101.9 FM's interview with Enya (1996)

Transcribed by JYW

Part 2 of 2

Merilee Kelly: I wanted to -- to play this for you, quickly, because -- I'm not sure how familiar you are with Laurie Anderson, but the first time I heard your music, it was one of those things where I couldn't put my finger on . . . (A fairly fast song is heard) on what was so familiar about it . . . and that's sort of -- a little bit like what you do, ("She's using--") she's just got a voice . . .

Enya: Yeah . . . she's using her voice like an instrument, yeah.

(The song is still playing)

MK: And there's a band, Art of Noise, that does things like that.

Enya: Mmm hmm. Yeah . . .

MK: I guess it makes it -- even though you're using technology for that, it makes it so human because . . . it's the voice.

Enya: Mmm hmm.

MK: Anyway. I always liked that song. It's "O Superman," Laurie Anderson. (<-- Said a bit softly as the song fades out) Enya with us in the studio today -- um, I wanted to play a song here . . . we'll talk about this in a minute, about your soundtrack work. This song appeared in, ah, "L.A. Story."

Enya: Mmm hmm.

MK: And, uh -- well, we'll talk about it in a minute. ("Exile" begins) It's Enya on FM 101.9.

("Exile" plays out until the end)

MK: Southern California's Album Alternative, we are KSCA Glendale/Los Angeles FM 101.9 -- and Enya has been kind enough to spend some time in the studio with us this afternoon. "Exile" . . . that's on the Watermark album, but I remember that from the movie "L.A. Story", which incidentally, I rented the night before I moved out here, ("Wow") and just to get me set for L.A. ("Mmm hmm") And, that's one of the few songs -- you get so many soundtracks where artists are just, kind of uh -- what's the word -- bought. They're told to, you know, they're commissioned to put a song on a soundtrack ("Mmm hmm") and it's on there. I don't know if you saw the script, or what, but that song fit the movie and scene so amazingly well.

[You can get 'L.A. Story' on DVD (or VHS) from]Enya: I had seen the script. And, ah, I saw the rushes of the film. And, to me, ah, once the visual is wonderful, it suits the melody -- it suits the song -- and it did work very well.

MK: I think that was from the scene -- actually, I think it showed up a couple times in this film maybe, but definitely with the -- the airplane ("The airplane -- yes") and the rain.

Enya: The storm. Yeah.

[Surprise! You can get 'Watermark' from too. :-) ]MK: Ahhh (a kind of sigh). I was practically in tears, and it's not an overly dramatic movie, but it was such a sad sentiment. Ah, Watermark, the album that you'll find that one on by Enya. We were talking a little bit about church, and how people perceive you to be a very spiritual person, with your music. And uh, so you were raised Roman Catholic?

Enya: Yes, I was. Yes.

MK: And ah --

Enya: And ah, at the -- for me, I've derived from religion -- what, um, I enjoy. And it's to go to church, but usually um, when there's nobody else there. I just love that moment, ah, to just sit there. It's very peaceful, very calm, and very therapeutic, and it's -- wonderful.

MK: When you go to church in Ireland, is it the church that you grew up going to?

Enya: Mmm hmm. It would be, yeah.

MK: Is it the -- typical Roman Catholic stone church --

Enya: The old -- yes, the one you were describing. Yes, exactly that.

MK: Because, I -- I fall into this trap too -- I think, "Oh, well Enya: of course she's exactly like her music," and there's candles going in every room, and you probably live in this big stone castle . . . ah, how close to your music are you really? I mean, are you this ethereal, new age woman? (Laughs)

Enya: Um, it's um -- there's a combination. Because I'm very spiritual, but I have a great love for melody. This is very strong for me when I'm in the studio working. Um, I just -- I love a strong melody. And, I've heard this in Irish traditional music . . . in classical music . . . and again in hymns -- it's very beautiful -- and, so therefore it's, um, it's strange because when I'm in the studio, it's very different to, um, my private sort of lifestyle. Because a lot of people tend to think that because I need all this time on my own in the studio, that I need time on my own, period. And that's not really true.

MK: So we'll see you down in the pub, (Enya chuckles) you know, throwin' back a couple pints, dancing on the bar ("No, I don't think so"; Enya chuckles) in the real Enya? (Both laugh)

Enya: I don't think so, but I -- I like to travel . . . I like to catch up on family and friends, because they tend to get terribly neglected when I'm in the studio. Especially towards the last few months -- it gets very intense for me, so I can't have any distractions. So um, definitely catching up on family and friends is important to me.

MK: Is there ever going to come a day when we . . . hear a commercial that says, "Coming to Los Angeles . . . Enya! ("Oh, wow") In concert!"

Enya: (Laughs) Now that's something else . . . um, at the moment, I have not toured with the music. And um, that's because of time factor. Because of ah, it's one person performing the music in the studio, and -- for example, The Memory of Trees was two years in the making. And, after that -- at the moment, I'm doing a promotional-sort of world trip. And, ah, it'll take me to the East, and I'm in America at the moment, and then to Australia -- so that'll take some time. And um, it's finding the time to actually adapt the music for stage. Myself and Nicky have spoken about it, but um, the way we see it is we'd like it very much a concert-type: ah, the orchestra, ("Mmm hmm") the choir, ah, some modern sounds, the piano, myself. But, ah, we have to find this time . . .

MK: Mmmm . . . just to even plan it would take a lot of time and, that's quite an undertaking.

Enya: Mmmm. Yes, it would be.

MK: That -- that would just be awesome. I don't know, I'm not your manager or anything, (Enya laughs) but I'm thinking maybe -- maybe a concert somewhere -- maybe somewhere in Ireland, in the countryside, ah, beautiful outdoor amphitheatre, and you broadcast it pay-per-view worldwide. There you go -- you'd be set. (Chuckles)

Enya: That would be interesting. That would be interesting.

MK: Fly a couple of us over there, (Enya laughs) to see you.

Enya: But of course. But of course.

MK: That would be wonderful. So, you're doing the promotional tour -- you've got the album, The Memory of Trees -- and, where're you off to next, Japan? Is that right?

Enya: Yes, to Tokyo . . . and then to Korea, and Taiwan. Which is -- strange countries to go to, but ah, this album has crossed over ah, so many different cultures. And it's -- it's really wonderful.

MK: Maybe this'll be the time -- maybe subconsciously, you'll pick up some influences from the Far East, and they'll show up on your next album.

Enya: They might, they might.

MK: I'd like to play from the new album, it's the final track -- it's called "On My Way Home" -- which you eventually will be (Enya laughs) -- now you're on your way to Japan. It reminds me a lot of "Orinoco Flow" -- it's very reminiscent of that, and um, it's wonderful. We love the album, and I want to thank you for spending time with us this afternoon.

Enya: You're very welcome. I enjoyed myself so much here.

MK: Oh, good. Thank you. Enya with us at FM 101.9.

("On My Way Home" begins, and plays out until the end)

MK: FM 101.9 -- Another gorgeous one from Enya's latest album, The Memory of Trees -- "On My Way Home", and we thank Enya for spending time with us this afternoon.


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