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Hi there -- somehow, I see you've landed on my home page. Hope you'll find something of interest! The topics aren't limited to music and meaning... (One of these days I'll update the site...)

Musings    Head over to my blog, where I talk about most of the following subjects more often (but with a more current perspective, of course). It does sort of help to read the below sections, to get a better idea of my range of interests. The blog also links to my friends and acquaintances and blogs/sites I read regularly, if not daily.
  The site is currently undergoing some reorganization, so the following sections are temporarily offline. Most of the content will return later -- in the meantime you can check out the weblog, which covers all of the main themes listed below, from music to radio.
Music    Find out about my irrefutable love for music: the many styles, artists and composers I like, from Beethoven to Richard Buckner to Emmylou Harris to Kris Delmhorst to Joyce DiDonato to Antonio Carlos Jobim to Sarah Vaughan to Nickel Creek to the Platters to Chet Baker to New Order to Chopin... and on.
Literature    Some authors who works have been influential for me: Katherine Mansfield, George Eliot, Kazuo Ishiguro, Jane Austen, and the most enduring, E. M. Forster.
Film    A few of the important films in my life include: Howards End, The Remains of the Day, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Sound of Music, Sense & Sensibility, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Third Man, and The Best Years of Our Lives.
Television    Favorites include old seasons of Gilmore Girls, The West Wing. Other series I've watched and rewatched: The X-Files (the original series), Poirot, Middlemarch, Cranford, and many other shows from the Mystery! and Masterpiece Theatre days. More recent example: The Great British Bake Off. (Since it's so much more of a time investment to watch an entire season/series, these days I mostly follow what's happening from other people.)
Radio    I listened to a lot of old-time radio growing up, including The Jack Benny Program, The Stan Freberg Show and Our Miss Brooks. Also regularly listened to many public radio shows such as Says You! and Whad'ya Know? (when it was on traditional radio). For online-only, I currently listen regularly to MetaFilter-related podcasts: the official Best of the Web podcast and the unofficial MetaFilter Music podcast.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Brian Stonehill.

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