Hi there -- somehow, you've landed on my home page, which I originally created at the turn of the 21st century! That sounds like a joke, but it isn't. Some tidbits on a few of my interests:


Aside from my nerdy day job helping people manage, design, and build web projects, I'm also a writer. For years I ran a blog called "Musings" where I talked about many of the following subjects more often. The blog is basically an artifact now, although one of my goals is to go through and fix up the theme and navigation, since they're pretty outdated at this point. Before the blog, I wrote manual news updates which eventually I migrated into the blog.

The first blog software I installed and used was Movable Type. When SSG websites started getting popular in recent years, I was reminded a lot of how Movable Type worked back then, which was to generate static pages when updating blog posts. When Six Apart (Movable Type's parent company) introduced a fee-based model, I (like many indie bloggers in the early aughts) moved everything to what was then a fledgling version of an open-source platform called WordPress. The blog has been on WordPress ever since.

I've heard that people who work in web development always work on their own sites last. That's pretty true in my case. There are a few reasons why I stopped writing new posts here: one was because of time constraints, and another was because of web scrapers. After a while, it got pretty old seeing posts I'd written being scraped and copied onto other websites filled with questionable ads, and sending reports to hosting providers. So for a while I took down some of the more interesting/popular posts because I didn't want to see them copied into sketchy places. I've since restored some of them and have accepted the fact that in this day and age, web scrapers will always be around unfortunately, like email spammers. One day I may start writing again; who knows?


I have an irrefutable love for music. I have fun listening to Desert Island Discs and hearing what folks choose for their eight tracks to take with them to a desert island -- I'm not sure how I'd be able to narrow it down. If we expand that to composers or artists, it's still so tough. I'd want to select from Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky for sure, and Joyce DiDonato. Then there's Richard Buckner and Emmylou Harris. Sarah Vaughan and Oscar Peterson. Jim Reeves and the Platters. OMD and New Order. Kris Delmhorst and Nickel Creek... and on.


Some authors who works have been influential for me: Katherine Mansfield, George Eliot, Kazuo Ishiguro, Jane Austen, and the most enduring, E. M. Forster. One of my favorite YA novels from recent years is Adib Khorram's Darius the Great is Not Okay.


A few of the important films in my life include: Howards End (1992), The Remains of the Day, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Sound of Music, Sense & Sensibility (1995), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Third Man, and The Best Years of Our Lives.


Favorites include old seasons of Poirot, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing. Other series I've watched and rewatched: The Great British Bake Off, The X-Files (the original series), Middlemarch, Cranford, and many other shows from the Mystery! and Masterpiece Theatre days. Since it's so much more of a time investment to watch an entire season/series, these days I mostly follow what's happening from other people.


I listened to a lot of old-time radio growing up, including The Jack Benny Program, The Stan Freberg Show and Our Miss Brooks. Also regularly listened to many public radio shows such as Says You!, Whad'ya Know? (when it was on traditional radio), and Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me. Aside from Desert Island Discs (which I listen to online or in podcast form), I enjoy a few indie media podcasts. The D&D show Spell Check is the podcast I have relistened to the most in this century so far.