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I've joined the affiliate programs of Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, so I can offer Forsterites a convenient gateway to buying Forster-related material here on this site. If you click on one of my Amazon-directed links and end up buying something, any commissions earned will support this site*. Please feel free to bookmark this page and make your future Amazon purchases using the links here.

* "Support" meaning defraying the costs of maintaining the site, e.g. ISP and server costs and keeping the site free of banners and pop-up ads. You can also support this site by making a donation. Currently on average, the commissions add up to about US$7 every year. Which means that it takes at least three years to even get a check. So if you bookmark this page and buy all your Amazon stuff from the links here, I would really appreciate it.

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Why Amazon?

Well, although I admit I haven't had any experience with the U.K. site, I've always had pleasant transactions with Amazon.com: a vast selection of books, fast service, answers to any questions I have, competitive prices, and it implements a very handy Order Status system so I can really "see" the stages of my order as it's being filled and readied for delivery.

If I could, I'd also provide links to Barnes & Noble as an alternative -- sometimes its prices are slightly cheaper than Amazon's, and sometimes it will have in stock what Amazon doesn't. However, BN.com's Affiliate Program requires that I use BN.com as my exclusive seller. (Oh well -- its Order Status system doesn't impress me as much as Amazon's.)

I don't mean to push anyone into buying from just Amazon. I simply want to help people find Forster material the best way I can. Remember, visit libraries and local bookstores. If you have a favorite online bookstore other than Amazon, and you'd feel more comfortable buying from there, why not? Amazon won't have every single Forster title, although I do think it has the most titles of Forster-related material of any online bookstore I've visited. I plan to include alternate options to Amazon here and there for this reason -- places I won't earn even commissions from!


So if you can't find a title on Amazon, try these sources:


Barnes & Noble
Powell's Books (used & new books)


Heffers of Cambridge (now a member of the Blackwell retail family)
The Internet Bookshop (WHSmith)

Any other booksellers that you can recommend (online or not) for Forster material? Drop me a note.

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