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    I try to make the information provided in 'Only Connect': The Unofficial E. M. Forster Site as accurate as possible (when it comes to factual information, i.e. publication dates), but I can't guarantee that everything in here is squeaky-clean correct. If you notice any mistakes (and I don't mean just typos), please contact me. I'm aiming to be as informative as possible, but people willing to contribute and help me out are always welcome.

    If you have questions about the site, or any comments, I suggest that you first read the "About this site & its maintainer" page before sending me anything. It further describes my involvement in this entire EMF site and explains that I am not an expert on EMF; I am simply someone who admires his work and happens to have space for a Web site dedicated to him.


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    In plain English:
    It may be hard to believe, but I worked hard to create this site. Please don't steal it and say that it or the content is yours. If you're going to use the info and can't be bothered with spending two minutes to e-mail me, at least link to this site and give credit where it's due. Don't do what some people do (including Wikipedia folks). Don't copy some things verbatim without crediting this site.

    If you're a student working on a paper or project and want to use something from here (or just want to link to the page), please cite this Web site as "'Only Connect': The Unofficial E. M. Forster Site <http://www.musicandmeaning.com/forster/>."

    If you for some reason want to quote something I wrote or compiled myself (e.g. the brief biography), then ask me for permission.

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